Leisure Travel

After months of pandemic-induced strain—emotional, physical, and spiritual—it is time to heal.

For every one of us, travel came first. We have spent years living as nomads, pioneers, and voyagers— from island hopping in the Philippines to trekking in the Andes Mountains—travel is what we do. And it is no secret that travelers love to share their stories. We have swapped stories on beaches, buses, boats, and beyond! Our passion for travel shines through our exceptionally high-quality content.

We understood, observed, took our mission solemnly and we came up with a list of destinations that are safe to travel to, and Covid-19 free.

Business Travel

e-Hub will always go the extra mile for its very valued clients as our ‘best price guaranteed policy’ applies for business, and leisure travel.

Whether you are travelling for business or leisure we will help you with your hotel booking, as we provide very competitive rates, and the highest levels of customer care.

If you are travelling for a conference, an annual company celebration, supplier trade show, team training or corporate sales rally, we have got you covered!